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General manager liu won the "reduced land civilization pacesetter" title of honor

On February 16, reduced land level cadre meeting, conference award of the 2015 best civilized unit, the civilized pacesetter a batch of advanced units and individuals, such as yu long new energy company general manager liu was awarded the honorary title of "pacesetter civilization", received an award at the meeting.

Mr.Liu, as a general manager since the company was founded in 2012, who is always in line with strong mission of bigger and stronger enterprise, market-oriented, relying on science and technology, leading the company actively adapt to the market need, to change and innovation actively, gradually mature in the market's efforts, has grown in the fierce competition.To develop an unknown small factory to become now a beautiful environment, plant a forest of modern national high and new technology enterprise.He set a good example, governs incorruptibly, lead the team to create impressive performance.He put the main energy bets in the market on the line, to give up time reunited with his wife, after years in shenzhen and in yichang, brought back a lot of orders for the company, in addition to the stability of the domestic market, the product successfully exported to Japan, Britain, Italy and other overseas markets.Adhere to the "humanized management" in business, he worker, use warm reform staff, with love touched with their own practical action to inspire employees to wuxi, love home, hard work, hard work.He bear and performance won the unanimous approval and favorable comment of the general staff, by local leaders affirmation and praise.

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