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Yulong new energy company participate in milan, Italy (EICMA) international motorcycle bike and scooter exposition

November 17th - 22nd, yulong new energy company participated in the 2015 73th milan, Italy (EICMA) international motorcycle bike and scooter exposition.Power lithium battery pack is on display at the exhibition, the company from foreign countries of the world's attention and green at Manila.

This exhibition can yu long new energy and the major force in shenzhen technology co., LTD., joint participation, concrete by wealth (Beijing) international exhibition co., LTD to undertake, main show lithium battery, charging products and balanced car series products.Exhibit on the meeting, several foreign galleries to communication and negotiation, Italy HTM company chairman Alexander, Mr Varney on exhibition, with the company's general manager liu, Lord of the board of supervisors Mat Zhu Yuanbing can science and technology deputy general manager, shenzhen major force Shi Long just in-depth exchanges.Through to participate in the international exhibition, to improve enterprise and product awareness has a positive role, for yu long lithium electricity products provides a new platform and the opportunity to further develop the international market.

Learned, milan, Italy in 2015 (EICMA) international motorcycle, bicycle and scooter fair is the world's top one of the two rounds of car exhibition, are the two wheels by Italian industries association (ANCMA) host, has 100 years of history exhibition and the successful hosting of the 72 annual, prestigious, the exhibition and cologne, Germany international bicycle, motorcycle and slide show Sample will be the sister show.In 2014, the 72th milan international motorcycle, bicycle and scooter fair a complete success.The exhibition area of 120000 square meters, there are 40 countries nearly 500000 people visit the exhibition.Chinese enterprises (including Taiwan, Hong Kong) display area reached 3200 square meters.Its exhibits range pedal cars, motorcycles, electric cars, skateboard off-road vehicles, bicycles and accessories industry of the whole industry chain.

Over the years, the exhibition by the global motorcycle manufacturers, dealers and professionals, has always been two rounds of car and spare parts manufacturing enterprises in China, the gateway to Europe and the world market is in communication with the world's two wheel car and communication platform.

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