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Yulong new energy through American UL certification

On October 16, Hubei Yulong new energy cobalt /rich lithium manganese base system products passed UL, marks the company's products for the us market formal papers, for my company to further expand the international market have laid a solid foundation.UL is "insurers test" (system Laboratories Inc.) of the English abbreviations.UL safety test is the most authoritative, is also engaged in safety test and appraisal of the larger community of civil institutions.It is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for public safety test.It is mainly engaged in product safety certification and safety certification business, the ultimate goal is to get fairly safe level for the market of goods, make great contribution to the health and property safety guaranteed.UL certification for any one want to marketing products manufacturers in the United States, are very important, is the "golden key" to the American market.After a series of preparation, in mid-september, UL certification audit staff came to the company, has carried on the on-site audit, to many facets of the situation and the company's products and the production workshop was strict testing and evaluation, comprehensive quality control, strict quality guarantee, orderly production safety, gain high reputation audit personnel, and through the UL certification.At present, the company all staff are working together to catch production, strive for with excellent products, reliable quality, considerate service, at the same time, meet the demand of domestic clients the highest win international customer support and favor.

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