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Wang Yinghua research reduced land cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries

Research on Oct. 13, vice mayor of yichang Wang Yinghua reduced land cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries.Accompanied by reduced land leadership Wang Pingchang, Li Zegang research.Wang Yinghua a line into hubei yu long new energy co., LTD and CST hengda graphite co., LTD., two companies in the field understand reduced land cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries.

Reduced land in recent years, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the first driving force of economic restructuring and development, to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries as the main direction of scientific and technological innovation, the lift force of the whole new stream tower high and new technology industrial park, the development of biological medicine, advanced manufacturing, new materials, new energy, electronic information, energy conservation, environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries.At present, the campus into project amounted to more than 30, attenborough elevators, yu lung giant is new energy, environmental protection and other projects have completed and put into operation.Reduced land also revised introduced incentives for the reduced land science and technology, "the more talents, strategic emerging industries and innovation platform of science and technology reward, encourage enterprises through independent research and development, production, cooperation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to support and encourage enterprises through the way such as independent research and development, transfer, an exclusive license to obtain core independent intellectual property rights;Around the country in support of the "eight" high-tech areas, within the areas make sure 20 potential good strategic emerging industry science and technology into the district high-tech enterprise backup library, according to the innovation and development of the enterprise status, cascade development planning, is driven by innovation, solve in the process of enterprise development core talents, core technology and core products occupy the core problem of the market.So far, the entire district high and new technology enterprise and strategic emerging industry main business income reached 20 billion yuan, the added value of the total GDP of 12% or more, become pull yiling powerful engine of economic development.

Wang Yinghua hope reduced land combined with its own resource advantages and industry present situation, further strengthen strategic emerging industries the support of science and technology innovation platform construction, establishing and perfecting the enterprise leading industry technology innovation system mechanism, the factors of production such as capital, talent gathered in key areas, provides the powerful technology support for regional economic transformation and upgrading.

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