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Provincial bureau of statistics director Li Keqin visit Yulong new energy

Morning of September 22, Li Keqin, head of the province bureau of statistics, a line to reduced land during the economic operation of the investigation, came to the brook tower high and new technology industrial park in hubei yu long new energy co., LTD., workshop and field visit to the company image of the exhibition hall, understand the company's business development.Yichang municipal committee, municipal government deputy mayor Song Wenbao, yiling district party committee standing committee and the district government, deputy district, the district party committee, director of the office of Liu Chuangang, district party committee standing committee, the deputy district chief Li Zegang district government, district bureau of statistics Yan Erxin and other accompanying the visit.

Xue Xian image exhibition hall in the company, the company deputy general manager yuan to hacken lee line introduced the basic situation of the company and development planning, Li Keqin's new energy low-speed electric car exhibition hall to display next, to understand the power li-ion battery application.In the production workshop, Li Keqin a line about the company production and operation situation and the management goal this year, heard the Xue Xian yuan related introduction about lithium battery production process.

Li Keqin a row after the visit, normal to the company, standardize the management order of said that on some of the problems in the current development of the communication with the relevant person in charge of enterprises, and encourage companies to grasp the opportunity and confidence, positive response, innovation and development.

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