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Yulong new energy won the innovation entrepreneurship competition venture star enterprise of the year award

On September 6, Hubei Yulong new energy in the fourth session of China's innovation entrepreneurship competition division (hubei) and "I am a guest" entrepreneurial all-star game finals, with "new layered manganese acid lithium power battery (rich lithium manganese base)" project won the venture star enterprise of the year award, and winning is the only shortlisted for the reduced land final enterprises, and has set up a successful entrepreneurship competition to enter the national innovation of new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection industries.Mr Wang to represent their company and the company's chief engineer.

It is understood that the fourth innovation entrepreneurship competition (division) of hubei province is a positive response of the CPC central committee and state council on promoting the public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation, according to the requirement of the ministry of science and technology, by the department, provincial departments, the communist youth league in hubei province of hubei provincial party committee, province high and new technology development center, youth entrepreneurship center, provincial science and technology innovation service center, wuhan optical valley venture coffee and other units jointly undertake, projects, covering electronic information, the Internet and mobile Internet, biological medicine, advanced manufacturing, new energy and energy conservation, environmental protection, new materials, cultural creativity seven areas.

In July, the reduced land science and technology bureau recommended yu lung association for science and technology of new energy company attaches great importance to and actively signed up for this contest, after serious preparation and preliminaries, the semi two rounds of fierce competition, the company in hubei division 560 participating enterprises, for the final success.On September 2, the company was invited to the project roadshow, wins the favor of many investment institutions.On September 6, hubei conference finals in wuhan optical valley shield hotel is great, the vice governor sheng-lian guo, vice chairman of CPPCC, provincial department of yue-jin guo to attend the game type.Scene of the final tension and warm, the venture investment, enterprise management, and other senior experts in the field of panels, 44 of the final project for questions, comments and ratings.Mr Wang the company's chief engineer on the project development reason, company profile, product advantage, development prospect and social benefits of the presentations, rich lithium manganese base power battery project with unique performance advantages and great development potential by expert panels's consistent affirmation and praise.As a national high-tech enterprises, technological innovation is the core and key.Yu long new energy companies to participate in the competition not only shows the social from all walks of life the technical strength of the enterprise, greatly enhance the enterprise popularity, and financing platform for the development of the company, financial support, financial services, such as policy, to make enterprises to develop new engine, offers a new platform to enhance enterprise development momentum and opportunities.

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