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Yulong new energy company party branch founding conference and for the first time the party members' meeting is held ceremoniously

On August 26, in the afternoon, the communist party of China (hubei yu long new energy co., LTD., first party branch committee meeting and conference was held at the company party activity room, branch all party member and part of the progressive youth to attend the meeting.Dongcheng area vice secretary of working committee, management committee director Wang Shiyu, experimental zone Yang Kaifu working committee members to attend the meeting.

Conference, Yang Kaifu read out the dongcheng area departments about agreed to set up the communist party of China (hubei yu long new energy co., LTD., branch committee's approval.All party member secret ballot elections produced three of the first branch committee, the first meeting of the new branch of CPC Xue Xian yuan election served as party branch secretary, sunfang coming for committee member of the organization, Cheng Yan served as propaganda committee member, identified member of the division of labor.Then, Xue Xian yuan published branch set up speech, he said, to "three solid steady tightening" as the guide, good for him, is repaid and persuasive, do a good organization trust, employee satisfaction cadre, good colleagues, live up to the higher party organization and the employee trust and expectations.On non-public party building the new platform, the company party branch to "service development, service staff, service society" as the basic content of party construction, will organize vigor into dynamic, realize win-win situation party construction and enterprise development.Chairman of the board of directors of the company Jiang Longrong delivered a warm speech, as a whole, he combined with years of self-cultivation and discussed some work to experience, he thought, the party members is an example faith practice platform, the value of platform, the platform of code of conduct, he asked all party member to lead by example, governs incorruptibly, keep thinking, to absorb more of the outstanding young to join the party organization, mutual learning progress, the company party branch construction soon become reduced land non-public party banner.

Wang Shiyu hope and request at the meeting, he represents the dongcheng experimental zone, the ac to congratulate the establishment of the branch, yu long new energy company party branch is the first stream tower high-tech zone non-public enterprise party organizations, has very important meaning and mission.The establishment of the branch, the flow of party members from different front found positions for your organization, family, and the sense of belonging.The early founding chairman MAO put forward in the "branch", non-public enterprises to set up branch in the team, post, make all party member to find "the behavior" preferring to platform.All party members in the new era, under the new situation to faithfully perform obligations of party members, remind oneself is a member of the communist party, play the cutting edge exemplary role and exert a subtle influence on driving, driving the people and things around, first to boycott the unhealthy practices, perform twenty-year warn, the rise and fall with the enterprise, the common.Branch of CPC team to innovate branch work, carry out "a pair of responsibilities", carry out organizational life, set up the party members' ShiFanGang, bright card "I am a member of the communist party", tangible and intangible, inspire the positive energy of party members, the party branch do solid work, characterize.He hope that company leaders pay close attention to all the activities of the party branch, start from details, establish incentive mechanism, to play "the four two dial one thousand jins" benefits.All party members and the general staff unite as one, to make non-public demonstration pilot project of party building, yu long tomorrow will be better, treatment of employees will be better.

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