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Yiling district party committee, deputy secretary of the generation of warden Wang Pingchang visited Yulong new energy

Afternoon on September 9, yiling district party committee, deputy secretary of the generation of warden Wang Pingchang came to yu long new energy co., LTD. Hubei visit investigation, field understand the company's business development.Yiling district party committee member, politics and law committee secretary, dongcheng area working committee secretary of the plough chang, dongcheng area vice secretary of working committee, management committee director Wang Shiyu, district government office accompanied by tain wan bridge and other leaders, director of the research.

Thousands square in the center of the company, plough chang introduced the east side to the borough President wang test area overall planning and project construction.Subsequently, the chairman of the board of directors of the company Jiang Longrong, accompanied Xue Xian yuan, deputy general manager wang district line visited company production workshop and image of the exhibition hall, along the shop visit channel, field knowledge of lithium battery production process and staff, and deep fluid injection workshop view on the spot.In the exhibition hall, the total according to the exhibition hall layout to the king, xue jiang district line system of the report of the current situation of the development of the company, product application, technical support, market outlook, leadership concern, etc., introduces the lithium electricity products of the company with the Italian autumn, zongshen motorcycle in pure electric vehicles, electric motorcycle, etc. Use of cooperation in the field of power.

Mr. Wang, said first came to yu long, see the specification of the operation and increasing sales situation, very happy.Yu long new energy as a national high and new technology enterprise, to further increase investment in technology, strengthening technological innovation, to develop more core technology, raise production efficiency, quickly in the market competition to win the initiative, a head, realize the high speed development, in the field of power, energy storage place, as the most outstanding in the domestic lithium electricity industry.Visit the image exhibition hall

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