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Yulong group carry out the execution of "promotion" special training

The morning of July 26, Hubei Yulong group in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor office building organization training to carry out the execution of "ascension".Group and its various corporate executives, the management staff, a total of more than 60 people to attend training."Meeting replace of Training" way, opened the prelude of the group in the first half of 2015 working meeting.

The training by new energy company deputy general manager yu lung Xue Xian yuan speaker, he from "the farmer's story", "" a case of a project to buy two stories show Open the heart of the training - "who to complete - about execution", then explained the definition of execution, execution bad reason, how to improve the execution of three aspects of content.Deep time of analyzed three important conclusions about the results, points out the phenomenon of executive force is not strong common mistake, execution system, introduces the improving conditions required of execution and specific problems, such as the importance of responsibility.Training process, Xue Xian yuan from the experience of the management of their own, in philosophical thinking way, using all kinds of vivid stories, quotations, and through interactions with trainees, discusses about the "executive force" of a series of problems, for all the participation of people bring a spiritual feast.Trainees are feeling harvest quite abundant, not only deepened the understanding and awareness of execution, and better for the future work, promote the development of the company on the way of thinking.

Yulong group President Jiang Longrong whole journey to participate in the training, and make important speech on the meeting after the meeting, respectively.He asked all trainees to read and understand the training content, learning xue general philosophical thinking and personality, good at thinking, summarization, good at practice, improve execution, do a sense of responsibility, has the yu people of passion.Combination when the new situation, President jiang put forward, to the management of the company for the strategy of "area", "Internet +" era, enterprise's financing new ways, new ideas new employees expect four hot issues, such as deep thinking of the company's development opportunities, the problem such as how to adapt to the new situation, strive to keep pace with The Times, to promote the company long-term development.

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