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Find a gap to fill board add measures execution Ensure to meet the annual objectives

On July 25, Hubei Yulong new energy co., LTD. In the first half of 2015 work summary and work in the second half of the kick-off meeting, and company all the staff members and middle managers attend the meeting, the meeting presided over by the standing deputy chief Xue Xian yuan by the company.At the head of the first half of the work is earnest, has carried on the summary and analysis, take out the second half of the specific work plans and measures, refining to every point, the responsibility to people, and expressed to reach their goals, with the company development, the advocacy of the confidence and determination.Company general manager liu made a summary and mobilization of the report at the meeting, summarize some short and pithy, the second half of the deployment of the rich and comprehensive, on technology, quality, production, engineering, hr and administrative department shall put forward the feasible goal and effective measures., he said, in the second half of the company will raise production efficiency, overall realize transformation and upgrading of consumer to power, energy storage, and all the staff to carry forward the "men when women use, cadres and when employees to use, when two people use" the spirit of the iron, always remember "command is greater than the general manager of the market", to meet customer demand as our lifeline, solidarity, unity is strength, with the remaining five months time to make up for the inadequacy of the first half of hard, strive to accomplish goals and tasks thrConference call, in the face of complicated severe situation and mission of enterprise development, the company all staff to further unify thoughts, cheer up, continue to adhere to the strategy of "three transformation" always thought not shaken, control task to find the gap to fill short board, add measures to grasp the execution, forming a virtuous circle of family and strive for a successful full-year target task smoothly.

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