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Yiling district party committee secretary Liu Hongfu to Yulong new energy research

The morning of July 1, yiling district party committee secretary Liu Hongfu braved the heat to the stream tower high and new technology industrial park, investigation research.Liu Shuji first came to yu long new energy co., LTD. Hubei, detailed understanding of the enterprise actual operation situation, concern and support enterprise development.

Production is busy, this time the manager staff have the workshop in the help, to ensure customer order products on time delivery ", the company Xue Xian yuan, deputy general manager on the first floor hall to introduce Liu Shuji to the company's production and operation situation. Liu Shuji after the briefing, he thinks that, enterprises in the tough economic situation, difficult to overcome, production and sales of two busy, presents the good development momentum, is really very not easy, his heartfelt sigh with emotion: "see production so busy, I am really very happy".Then Liu Shuji interest visited the company image of the exhibition hall.In the exhibition hall, Xue Xian yuan introduced the lithium electricity products of the company to the Liu Shuji line in electric cars, electric motorcycle, such as used in the field of power, as well as the company's core products rich lithium manganese base power battery production, research and development and sales.Liu Shuji said that the current domestic relevant policy of new energy vehicles are perfect, good prospects for development.After the visit, Liu Shuji line and chairman of the board of directors of the company Jiang Longrong in-depth exchanges, Chiang always report to Liu Shuji enterprise's development present situation, development plan and the existing difficulties and problems in the next three years, the company will be made solid progress "three changes", build strong science and technology enterprises, give it to the best of party committee, government pay a satisfactory answer.Liu Shuji in view of the enterprise put forward concrete problems such as funds, land, etc., he said, on the premise of comply with the policy will help to solve as soon as possible, at the same time hope yu long new energy company to seize opportunities, strengthen technology research and development, to speed up the transformation and upgrading, work diligently, in the field of power, energy storage carved out a piece of their own heaven and earth, achieve faster and better development of enterprise.Yiling district party committee standing committee, director of the district party committee office Liu Chuangang, dongcheng area leaders including vice secretary of working committee, management committee director Wang Shiyu accompanied by research.

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